Guangxi Nanning Guangtai Agriculture Chemical Co., Ltd was created in 2011. It is engaged in pesticide, chemical raw materials and products, chemical agents of the domestic and international sales. Gt.Agro is also engaged in the import and export of goods and a technology-oriented company. The main products include Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Plant Growth Regulators and Intermediates.

Gt.Agro has a wealth of network resources along with its unique geographical advantages of being in Nanning is able to provide high quality agricultural chemicals, chemical products and excellent service. In its short history it has won the recognition and praise of many manufacturers and traders. It also has established a good and long-term cooperative relationship with all its Clients and Customers.

While Gt.Agro focus on our main target markets at home , GT.Agro is looking to advance abroad and provide customers with a variety of technical products and packaging preparation products, also we are flexible and can act according to the customer's specific request processing preparation products to meet different market demands. GT.Agro in order to facilitate the customers requirements both at home and abroad will solve logistics problems to benefit delivery, to assist that issue, we have respectively set up a transit warehouse in Shanghai and Nanning, Guangxi.

    With advanced management and a pragmatic service spirit, Guangxi Nanning Guangtai Agricultural Chemical Co., Ltd offers an elite team which is willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign enterprises with a view to mutual benefit. We are looking to the future for long term cooperation for the benefit of China’s Agriculture and our customers.


Guangxi Nanning Guangtai Agriculture Chemical Co., Ltd 


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Relying on agriculture, providing advice for the development of Agriculture

To provide advanced technical services and pesticide product support for chemical control 

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