Chinese carbendazim has rose in price due to tight supply


Tight supply of the fungicide carbendazim has result considerable price hike in China. Agropages observed a nearly 10% rise in Chinese carbendazim market. Short supply of the fungicide was mainly caused by three reasons: the raw materials had experienced inflations in their price and the key material OPDA (O-phenylenediamine) was undersupplied and price skyrocketed; the capacity shortage led by shut down of manufacturers for environmental problems; the 20% rise of its export has worsen the supply.

carbendazim is one of the hot spots for Chinese producers and consumers. There are 10 qualified manufacturers in China, the total and actual annual output is 25,000 tons and 8,000 tons respectively. Its demand of formulation products can reach to 10,000 tons per year and demand of combination products was 2000 tons every year. Thecarbendazim was among the top 5 exported pesticides in 2010.