Hymexazol fungicide becomes more popular in China


Since its first introduction from Japan in 1989, the hymexazol has become more and more popular among Chinese consumers due to its excellent systematics, high effectiveness and low-toxic, as well as its versatile and stimulative roles in plant growth.

With annual capacity of 1000 tons for the technical ingredient, China produces 500 tons of hymexazol per year and exports 20% of the output. Furthermore, the Chinese manufacturers were given edges over other companies by higher purity and lower price of the product. For example, the technical ingredient from China can reaches the purity of 99%, higher than the Japan-made product, meanwhile the 97% TC from China was quoted at 13500 Yuan per ton, 15% cheaper than other sources.

As the fungicide been introduced on maize, wheat, barley, sorghum, peanut, soybean and rape in northern regions while on fruit, rice, cotton, forestry, ornamentals and lawn markets in southern part, ascendant trend to the demand of the fungicide has occurred in China. At present there are 80 producers approved in China, and the average sales growth of the TC manufactures was 50% in the year of 2010.