China’s pesticides demand expected to up 5% in 2013


According to 31 province-level plant protection stations across the country, it is estimated that the demand for pesticides in China will increase by 4.68% to some 1.02 million tonnes, or some 334,300 tonnes of pesticides active ingredients. The price is predicted to remain this year’s level due to intensifying competition in domestic and international market.

Demand for insecticides is predicted to fall by 5.18% to 120,800 tonnes; demand for acaricide remains this year’s level of 10,900 tonnes.

Demand for fungicides will further increase by 6.64% to 84,710 tonnes and for herbicide will climb by 16.32% to 114,200 tonnes. Some 3,712 tonnes of plant growth regulators will be needed next year, up 6.86%; the demand for rodenticides will drop by 12.75% to 113.38 tonnes.

 It is said that the main reason of higher demand for herbicides are: continuous improvement of technology of agricultural production, in particular the promotion of technology of simplified cultivation; rapid development of genetically modified crops and resistance increasing. According to the survey, 24 resistant grasses to 10 herbicides have been found in China.

Besides, popular products with demand more than 10,000 tonnes are expected to be glyphosate, dichlorvos, acetochlor, copper sulfate, carbendazim, chlorpyrifos and atrazine. For regions, demand of pesticides in provinces of Shandong, Heilongjiang, Hunan, Sichuan, Henan will exceed 20,000 tonnes, respectively.