The rebound in the market prices of chlorpyrifos


Near the end of the year 2014, the price of chlorpyrifos TC  did not fall but rise.The week before the Spring Festival, the domestic chlorpyrifos technical price uptrend has continued to decline in the early stage of fermentation, after a period of time, the domestic chlorpyrifos technical manufacturers started to raise up the price , about 500RMBper ton.At the same time, the chlorpyrifos Technical was out of stock,and the delivery time of new orders will be at the beginning of March, which makes the domestic chlorpyrifos technical market tense up all of a sudden.But with the coming of Spring Festival, most domestic enterprises have entered into the holiday mode, they might not adjust prices in such a short time, which pushed some tradeing companies into plight, because the preganglionic orders might not change the price, they had to cancel thr orders or change the terms of payment.After the Spring Festival and the Shanghai CACThe exhibition in March,  chlorpyrifos technical price will rise as it has been recent years.