Bayer CropScience releases 8 new pesticides in China


Recently Bayer CropScience held its 2015 product release conference in Beijing and announced release of 8 new products to Chinese market, covering 5 major crops – rice, corn, wheat, vegetable and fruit.
The products launched include Routine Start (200g/L isotianil+80g/L trifloxystrobin), Qiu Zhi Bao(5% oxadiargyl +30% butachlor), Sunato(360g/L imidacloprid+180g/L fipronil), Adengo(19.1% isoxaflutole +26.7% thiencarbazone-methyl + safener), Hombre(30.8% imidacloprid +1.1% tebuconazole), Bacara Forte(11% diflufenican +11% flufenacet +11% flurtamone), Luna Experience(17.5% fluopyram +17.5% tebuconazole), and Movento Smart(11% spirotetramat +11% thiacloprid).
Bayer CropScience declares that its new releases this time are particularly targeted at the problems and challenges encountered by farmers in their daily operations, such as the efficiency of seed treatment, weed resistance, long-lasting efficacy, crop safety, quality of produce etc. These new products will help farmers to take more efficient, safer and easier control of pests, weeds and fungus, as being an effective complement and upgrade to the total crop protection solution of Bayer CropScience in China.
After the conference Agropages had an interview with Dr. Sascha Israel, Head of Bayer CropScience APACt, Rob Hulme, Country Head Greater China and Cheng Cheng, Head of Marketing.
Dr. Sascha Israel said, “Bayer CropScience adheres to its global strategy which is the market leadership strategy. This is a medium to long-term strategy that will last till 2020. In this strategy China is our most important market in Asia, we will continue our investment in this market, as reflected by today’s series of releases. More products will come in the future.”
“China’s research capacity in the global market is gradually growing, which is shown by the following: 1) in general investment in crop protection is growing worldwide, especially in herbicide, fungicide and seed treatment products; 2) China is playing a more and more important role in the research activity and in the future China’s present position of research at the later stages will be brought forward to research involvement in earlier stages; 3) from global perspective, China is an integral part of Bayer CropScience production and supply globally. Since we have production base in China, lots of production including formulation production are taking place in China, which well demonstrate China’s important position in the whole Bayer CropScience organisation.”