DuPont launched new insecticide Verimark® in China


DuPont Crop Protection announced launch of its new insecticide product Verimark® in China on 28, Apr. Verimark is developed specifically for seedling stage protection of crops, with a broad spectrum to include lepidoptera, hemiptera, coleoptera, and diptera insects. It is first registered on tomato, cucumber and pepper in China. 


Verimark® incorporates DuPont’s new generation insecticide cyantraniliprole (trade name Cyazypyr™), which targets at ryanodine receptors in insects and weakens the muscle function by stimulating the precipitation of calcium inside insects, thus affect and stop them from feeding. 


Field studies by DuPont has demonstrated using Verimark® in the early stage of crop growing could provide protection to the crop seedlings from pests and reduce the incidence of insect- borne diseases. It helps to lower the biological stress while increase plant health and eventually realize the potential of higher yield. Verimark® also featured as environmental friendly as its negligible influence on non-targeted organisms. 


DuPont Crop Protection brand manager Hao Shu pointed out that in recent years in China, the incidence of non-lepidoptera pest damage is more frequent and severe than before. Farmers using Verimark® could effectively control most of the pests in early stage and reduce the time and resource of filed managing. Moreover, Verimark® can enhance seedling health significantly, therefore, optimize crop yield and quality.